Okrah: "So you're all working for an internetcompany, can you tell us something about this company?"

Kelly: [smothered voice] "mumble mumble mumble.."

Okrah: "ehr..?"

Kid #2: "She says that we all work for a very Very VERY nice company"

  Kid #2: "Well I heard that Cartwoman can't spell the word 'wheel'- she spells it "w. e. e. l."

All except Cartwoman: "hahahahaha"

Cartwoman: "I'll blow your friggin' head off!"

Okrah: "Oh, that is SO nasty, to pick on someone, just because he has a spelling problem"

Kid #2: "But what if she sends an e-mail to our customers and they find out?"

All: "hehehe"

  Kid #3: "We used to have a real nice couch, but C., she didn't like it, so she threw it out of the window."

Okrah: "What? She threw your couch out of the window?"

Kid #3: "Ohwell, it was JP.'s couch actually. But boy, did we flame that poor C..."

Kids: "hahahahahahaha"

Okrah: "Flame...? Whats that? Has it got to do with fire, like this...?" [gets the flamethrower]

Kelly: "aaaaaaaaaah"

Okrah: "You are fired buddy!"

Kids: "Oh my god, you killed Kelly!!"

Kid #3: "That's not the idea of a Flamewar Okrah..!"

  Cartwoman: "One day I wanted rootacces to the server, so I wrote an email to the sysadmin 'add me to group weel.' And this Basterd Operator From Hell wrote back, 'it is wheel with an H you dummy.'

Okrah: "Oh, that is SO nasty, to pick on someone, just because he has a spelling problem"

Cartwoman: "Well that is not the issue here you Fat Bitch!!"

Okrah: "WHAT did you call me?

Cartwoman: "I said I had a Bad Itch.." .. "But my spellingproblem is not the issue here, this BOFH send a Black Carbon Copy of MY MAIL to half the company.. So now Everybody knows about my spellingproblem."

Okrah: "So now they're all making fun of your spellingproblem?"

Cartwoman: "NO! The were allready making fun of me. But Privacy, thats the issue here. In a company, where everybody values Privacy so highly, that should be forbidden!"

  Okrah: "Now you all be quiet, cause I _Love_ to watch games..."

Cartwoman: "Games kick ass..!"

[butterflies racing against ties & vise versa]

[end game] All Kids: "Cool!"

  Okrah: "David, you run a very famous Show, can we see some of it?"

David Weatherman: "Ehr yes Okrah, let's take a look at last nights' show."

[hits TV-button] David: "And now for todays' weather." [rain, thunder lightning, flying trees]

"We experience some VERY beautifull days. Temperatures up to a hundred degrees Fahrenheid, no wind at all, and no rain..."

".. Well.. a TINY drop of rain maybe later this evening. More updates on the weather later this evening."

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