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Links zijn ooit en deels recent, gecontroleerd, er kunnen nog steeds verouderde links tussen zitten.



AltaVista clear
DejaNews Research Service
The Open Text Index
DevSearch - The Web Developer's Search Engine
AltaVista: Translations
Search Engine Watch: News, Tips and More About Search Engines
Submit It!: The Best Web site traffic-driving services and tools.
Quick Access to Internet Resources
Open Text Index - Power Search
W3 Search Engines
Inktomi Web Services
InfoSeek Home Page
WebCrawler Searching

Agenda's en NASLAG

Van spoorboekjes, woordenboeken tot statistieken.

NS Reisinfo
De Telefoongids - PTT Telecom
Web Snapshot - Internet research, news, trends, tools, traffic, and historical data
NSI - WHOIS Lookup
HitchHikers G' userpage.fu-b...ontpanic.html
The New Hacker's Dictionary - Table of Contents
Welk OS achter deze server?? Netcraft - Web Server Survey
Welcome to Rootshell | Hosted by
FOLDOC - Computing Dictionary
What is Copyright
Looking for: an e-mail address, a friend, a relative, a POW/MIA, college pal, missing persons etc.. than visit our site.
DNS Statement of Policy Rootservers e.d.
ircII help commands
RFC 1855: Netiquette Guidelines
Request for Comments (RFC) Editor Homepage
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
chaos communication camp: registering for volunteers
Xaviera Hollander's Theaterprodukties
abc guides - Job Bank
i-net FAQ: newsgroups
Welcome to the Flowerbase
Welkom bij de Bioscoopagenda Nederland

Anonymous remailers & PGP info

Alles over data-beveiliging.

The International PGP Home Page

Passwords, Security and wouldbe's

Office 98 Security Issue
hack a mac | home
Privacy and Anonymity on the Net - Cyberfeminist 99
Macintosh Security Tools
Fortify for Netscape - Home Page
Services from DigiCrime
Netcraft - Web Server Survey
fRAMBOOS copyware - hosted by
Hacking - The World's Greatest Hacking Links - Hacking - Hacking - Hacking
[ H a c k e r H e a v e n . o r g ]
Mac Heaven
BOFH Select - Node Zero
-|-|-|-|-|-|- No More Secrets! -|-|-|-|-|-|-|-
Directory of /pub/crypto
Anonymity and privacy on the Internet
Change Project: Computer Intruders
Serious Windows 95 security risk
Seeley (1): password cracking: A GAME OF WITS

anonimizer proxies

Public Proxies 1: library proxies
Beating the net-censor
Proxys - 4 - All : Helping Secure Your Privacy & Anonymity on the Internet
The DataHaven Project
Replay and Company UnLimited

Security - DDoS attacks

CERT Advisory CA-99-17 Denial-of-Service Tools
A New Wave in Hack Attacks Hits the Net

Antirevisionsists en Pro Humanity

Censorship Around the World
The Avalon Project : The International Military Tribunal
The History Place - Holocaust Timeline
How Reliable Are Rudolf Hoss's Memoirs?
Nizkor Home Page
Dachau (over Martin Zuidenstadt)
Auschwitz- Endstation
A Virtual Tour of Auschwitz: On Every Day Since...
USF Library - SpcColl - Von Rosenstiel Collection

Apple Hardware & Mac-(sys)software t/m macunix

*BSD en unix-info

For People New to Both FreeBSD and Unix
Hoe installeer ik unix (NetBSD) op een 11 jaar oude mac
The NetBSD Foundation, Inc.
NetBSD/mac68k's Home at Puma
The FreeBSD Project


Welcome To Be, Inc.


LinuxPPC - Linux for PowerPC Computers.
Linux am Mac FAQ | Homepage/News

Software en Internetnodigheden

Choose your RealProducer.
Welcome to TUCOWS-AllMacintosh
Arvid Andersson Mac software
Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Help
Macintosh IRC clients - ircle
Cross-Platform Instant Messenger MacPopUp
MacSHAPA 1.0.3 -Mac-video?
Macintosh Music Software : Popular_Formats/Format_Converters - Shareware Music Machine
Welcome to the MPEG Audio Layer 3 Directory!
Eatel ** Software for Macintosh
Mpeckers: Mpeg audio software for the PPC
ARC Internet Apple Software Index
Mirabilis LTD. - FrontPage
Dartmouth Software Development
Pacific Coast Software
Tribal Voice Home Page
Microsoft® Internet Explorer 3.0 for the MacOS
The Need for Speed (Jakob Nielsen's Alertbox March 1, 1997)
Web browsers for antique Macs
Macworld Online
Wilbur - HTML 3.2
comp.sys.m68k Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Yahoo! - Computers and Internet:Software:Platforms:Macintosh:Shareware
Rick Giles' HTMLeditor
FutureWave Software
Videogram Samples
Adobe Systems Incorporated
Macromedia: Shockwave Center
Development Accessories
webdog's Macintosh Software
Directory of /Mosaic/Mac/Helpers
Today's Cool Tool

Mac http servers

Stalker Software Home Page
Macintosh, Perl, Scripting, & WWW Authoring Resources
The ULTIMATE Macintosh
P E R L - Matt Kruse
c't 9/95: Internet-Server ohne Unix
About . . .
PISM: Providing Internet Services via the Mac OS
MacHTTP Technical Reference
BIAP Home - MacHTTP/WebSTAR Home Page
New MacHTTP Home Page
Mosaic for the Macintosh
David M. Scuffham
Crack a Mac - The next generation: WebStar op PPC8600 niet te hacken
Technical Notes
StarNine's Tutorial and Learning Guide
Web / HTTP Servers -
WWW Performance Notes
StarNine - Internet Software for MacOS and Windows

Mac mail servers

Free Servers from Eudora
config AIMS
PISM: Providing Internet Services via the Mac OS
Web 66: MailShare

Huurlijn en Techhelp PPP/SLIP/TCP

Pagina's met technische informatie. Links zijn wat gedateerd.

Open Transport Stuff
Directory of /Mac
Scheller's Science Site: Interactive Hypercubus Animation
U.S. Robotics - x2 Technology
Overheid.Info archief: Lijst van op het net te zetten overheidinformatie (05) (A)
About Apple Servers
c't 05/97, S. 52: Umstrukturierungen bei Apple
Ian & Stuart's Mac CD
INFO-MAC HyperArchive ROOT
Handy FTP Sites
About Mac OS 7.6.1 Update
c't - English pages (1/97, page 233)
Directory of /Apple.Support.Area/Apple.Software.Updates/Worldwide/Macintosh/System/System_7.5.5_Update
Getting Your Apple Internet Server Online
Digital Init Strings
Macintosh TCP/IP Frequently Asked Questions
MUW MacPPP Setup
Other hardware or software conflicts with MacSLIP
Session One - Computer Camp - Internet Basics
Under the hood of the Internet: An overview of the TCP/IP Protocol Suite
Apple Software Library Help
Apple Support Information
Apple: Applications Technical Support Online
Emory MacPPP Configuration Guide

Apple officieel spullies

Apple wil zijn links nogal eens wijzigen, zonder een doorverwijzing achter te laten, maar hier trof ik regelmatig mac-hulp.

Apple QuickTime Samples
Multiple scan 17 picture too large
Apple Spec - Online PB 165
Apple Spec - Online
Apple - Find
Apple - Tech Exchange
Apple - Support
Apple Facts Online Desktop Computer Directory
Apple IP Gateway

BBEdit 5.1 released: Text tool gets Perl
Welcome to TUCOWS-AllMacintosh
CNET for the Mac
accelarate your mac
videocard mp850
EPSON Stylus Photo EX Product Information
Oculus -macwebcamsoftware
MAC8500-L: Optimizing Video on the Power Macintosh 8500
Software downloaden voor Macintosh computers
Bovine RC5 / Monarch DES v2 Clients
Welcome to The online MacinStuff Times 8/20/97
Appletalk Remote Access
ARA Info
Directory of /CNS Distribution
Appletalk Remote Access
MRP Archive for February, 1997
Welcome to UMAX!
AppleTalk Packages
AppleTalk over IP
Filez Catalog - Mac Internet & Telecom Communications
AppleTalk - PC Webopaedia Definition and Links
Understanding AppleTalk Routing

CGI, php, perl & Server Side Includes

Scripting voor het web, server side:

Apache Server Frequently Asked Questions
SourceForge: Welcome
PHP Vault : codes, scripts, forum et ressources en PHP
PHP Manual - Getting Started With PHP3
PHP: Manual: substr
PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor
Perl tutorial: Start
PERL -- Practical Extraction and Report Language
Matt's Script Archive
The CGI Resource Index
The CGI Book
CGI and SSI Test
Cold Fusion Frontier
Frontier: Overview
The Shannonizer
dave's perl(cgi) page
The CGI Resource Index
Simple Procmail
Welcome to The Perl Institute
Apache module mod_include
CGI and SSI Test
Server-Side Includes - Step 1
Using Server-Side Includes
Server-Side Includes
The CGI Book · Examples
Chapter 8 · Server-Side Includes · Netscape Version
S.U.N.2 User Support - Server Side Includes
Server Side Includes
WebSite Pro Self-Test
Server-side include test
Server Side Includes
NCSA HTTPd Tutorial: Server Side Includes (SSI)
Server Side Includes
Content Omikron Basic Manual
Matt's Script Archive


ido_top.html Kees v Yp/ Car. Fisser / Rien A.
Cursus HTML (HyperText Markup Language) Internet
Mens|Data Cursusinformatie
HKU, Utrecht School of the Arts Homepage
Total Multimedia Solutions (TMS) Homepage
Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam
Nederlandse Vereniging van Reïncarnatietherapeuten
The No-Nag, No-Guilt, Do-It-Your-Own-Way Guide To Quitting Smoking
The 10 Stages of Quitting Smoking
Welkom bij de Haagse Hogeschool
Basisdiploma AMBI
PAO-Informatica: cursussen


Download these Fonts!!!
Fontasia International: Western Fonts
Jumbo! - Desktop Publishing: Macintosh: Font Type -3
The LINGUIST List: Fonts etc.
Chankstore Freefont Archive
Re-vision Fonts
Shareware fonts for Windows, OS/2 and Macintosh, and Linux
Astigmatic One Eye Foundry Freeware Fonts
MaXfiles - Fonts for the Macintosh
Flotsam One In a Nutshell

Homepages priveepersonen

Zomaar wat priveepagina's:

#perron0 statistics created with mIRCStats v1.10 by OpaDopa
Jammie en Arie Website
Dutch/German NORFOLK TERRIER home page
Infinit Information - Infinit
menno janzen's Bookmarks
De homeopathie website van Rob van Vroenhoven
Jeroen Kessels: Shops and Companies.
De Thuisbladzijde van Daniel Simons
Frank Wassenaar - thuispagina
Imagine Australia
wiel's ( private page
Who's afraid of Red, White and Black ?
WEB Author v1.0b1 / ReadMe
Who's afraid of Red, White and Black ?
Wat een kletskous
Christine Karman Consultancy Home Page
WWW HomePage Remco van Zuijlen (TW)
Edwin Color - Home Page
Foto van Margot
Hein's cyberfrenie -De Zeeuw
Ray's GOAHEAD Imagination Home Page
Klaas' page
Annet's Quilting Homepage - UNDER CONSTRUCTION (Eigen domein Vincent)
WORD (vreemde Site, kitsjerig)
XS4ALL lijst alle homepages
Kies uit meer dan 16.000 vluchten naar 31.000 bestemmingen
Vakantiehuis huren in de Ardennen
Filmsexposure award is an international award for low budget films and their crews.
Een Sfeervol, geheel gerestaureerd, 150 jaar oud huisje aan de rivier de Wamme
ART STUDIO AMSTERDAM (klinkt beter dan het is)
Foto Rick Wezenaar
P-TV | The work of Graphic designer and illustrator Petra Esveld
Chefren's eigen geheime plekje op het WWW
Foto Rick Wezenaar
Paula's Cutest Home Page Ever :-)
Wonderful Web Women
Sander the Sybersurfer
mh's voetbal-t-page
Foo Kwan's Home Page
Marc's Bikkelpage
James Lick's Home Page
Ron Peperkamps Homepage
Maarten Rens Page
Homepages Netdirect


Client side scripts:

JavaScript Made By Blizzard
OFFLINE:CD JavaScript Bible Reference Outline
OFFLINE:CD JavaScript Bible Quick Reference
OFFLINE: Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
OFFLINE: Introduction to JavaScript
Voodoo's Intro to JavaScript
Markup (HTML-purisme)
Main page (Iets met een TRAGE Java-applet Bah)
Cut-N-Paste JavaScript
Vincent Houwert's Bookmarks

Kranten en bladen

De Twentsche Courant Tubantia
Temple of the Screaming Penguin []
ZEIT für Bildung & Wissen
marie-josé klaver - artikelen
Computable Online Hoofdmenu
Automatisering Gids - Service
Quick Survey over Internet en depressiviteit
William Morrow - The Artist's Way At Work
Service VK - Alles over de website
Nieuwsselectie: Media NRC : WOL lek
OnderwijsWeb (nieuws verjaardag xs4all)
Columns Courtney Weaver
Suck: Daily
NRC artikel Web Nieuwsselectie: Media
Nieuwsselectie: Media
Technology News from Wired News
Welkom bij Planet Internet
The Worlds of Eric Francis / Monthly Column Archive
Spookstudent en afhaker zeldzamer dan gedacht (KUnieuws nr. 7 van vrijdag 10 oktober 1997)
Parool op Internet
News: Mac OS licensing in jeopardy?
The Jerusalem Post Daily Internet Edition
World News Index : Global sources
News on the web
ZD Net AnchorDesk Daily Report
Mac the Knife
E! Online - The Hot Spot - Specials - Hollywood and Vine
The Crash Site
Discovery Channel Online
The Wall Street Journal Interactive Edition
Electronic Telegraph
Issues and Politics /Salon Index Newsgroep
Current Weather Maps/Movies
Global Economic Forum
The Guardian / The Observer
Top of the news (USA Today)
De Telegraaf-i
Voorpagina de Volkskrant op Internet


501st MI Brigade Korean Language Homepage
Asian-language translation - Chinese, Japanese and Korean

Digitale Steden

Digitaal Terneuzen
Tot ziens
BINNENKOMST (men bedoelt: City Online)
Dutch Home Page; Geografisch zoeken
The Channels Amsterdam
Webcity Frontpage (foeilelijk)
Digitale Stad 's-Hertogenbosch
mijn multi-mediale verslag van een strategische conferentie over digitale steden in Nederland
User's Homepages Kuwait
Hong Kong Tourist Association
De Digitale Stad
..............City On Line Utrecht..........

Center Parcs
Africaserver (mooie vormgeving)
Ikaria (foto Nas)
Alexandrians on the Internet
Fredina Tours - Ghana Yesterday and Today
Samara Internet Services-Zimbabwe
African Regional Centre For Computing-Kenia
amazir men in the network
Babel Internetcafe in Denemarken; leuke vormgeving
Bolivia Web
THE JERUSALEM POST NET EDITION FRONT PAGE -- Tunisia, Contents -- Algeria, Tour Guide, Museums
Tour in Beijing
Tour in China


2ehands mac
Welkom bij Noadis, uw vertrouwde distributeur!
Chipmunk International Home Page
ClickShop - Welkom bij Mail-a-Mac
A-ware Netstore
Welkom bij HTR Mailing Online Shop
Address Warehouse - Rotterdam The Netherlands
Dynamac Verkoop: Bestellingen
Welkom bij Webmix.....
Welcome to the Micro Evolution Home Page
(MacSoftware) Bestelformulier Promate
Welkom bij AOC Nederland
Machouse Woerden

Mac Software

Macintosh Software Updates -
Welcome to Macintosh!
MathSource 2.2: Software FPU
HTML Editor for the Macintosh
Index of /WWW/tools/HTML/Editors/Mac/HTML_Editor


La Grotte de Lascaux
Amsterdam Monumenten - Amsterdamse School
Danberg Kunst index
Diving in Australia - Underwater Photography
EDO no IKI Gallery
KID's Gallery
Japan Window Home Page
NTT Home Page
TRON ist tot
Netzwelt Archiv: Vermintes Terrain
Tron - Tod eines Hackers
Shodouka Launchpad
The PhotoForum's List of Photo Web Pages
The Eye of the Low Countries
Stichting Pandora
Kaleidospace (tentoonst. onafh. k'naars -niet zo mooie Pages, amateur.)
National Museum of American Art home page
Zupergraphyx! [ texts ] Zupergraphyx!
WebMuseum: Bienvenue! (Welcome from the curator)
The Israel Museum, Jerusalem - Main Entrance
Museo degli Uffizi
Bas van Reek Art Building

Patrick Modiano

Patrick Modiano
Patrick Modiano: Dromen van gemiste treinen
LiTTerair: Patrick Modiano
Les boulevards de ceinture

Pages Instellingen

instellingen div

WIGG Wanadoo Internet Gebruikers Groep
Tibet Support Group - The Netherlands
newMetropolis in Actie
UvA - UvA-astronomen vinden missing link in sterevolutie
The NIOZ WWW Pages
Een Vak geeft Voldoening - website van de stichting Beroepenpromotie Nederland (sBN)
Stichting Digitale Burgerbeweging Nederland DB.NL
Stichting Digitale Burgerbeweging Nederland DB.NL
Stichting Digitale Burgerbeweging Nederland DB.NL
De Waag
Welkom bij Amsterdam ArenA
EFFweb - The Electronic Frontier Foundation
Indiana University Computer Science
Het OCenW-plein - Hoofdmenu (ietwat amateuristisch '96)
Kennis voor morgen
The Computer Loser Group
SURFnet bv
G.L.A. homepage
Hoger Onderwijs Persbureau


Pages Bedrijven

Sennheiser Homepage (getekende ikonen, page = oud) - Check international domain names
T.V Commercial Zwitserleven (shockwave)
appoint uitzendgeiten hennaplus produkten
Otra N.V. (zoals het niet moet)
Adrem Uitgeversgroep bv Mooie techniek, weirde uitvoering
Dow Chemical
Texaco Online
OpdenKamp Adviesgroep B.V. / Milieu effect rapportage
PAC Homepage
Welcome To Seagate's SeaNET
Heineken homepage
Vermeer Contractors Group
KPN Multimedia Homepage
Mexicana Airlines
Bed and Breakfast Inns of North America
Tri-Wine Wines of the Month Club Home Page
The Garden Cottage
J Sainsbury plc - Soort v&d in de UK, aardig, beetje bitmap
Morgan Stanley & Co., Inc.(Bank, Niet zo fraaie vormg.: embossed e.d.)
Welcome to FedEx
CASEMA: Technology & Research
PRC-COS Aerospace Center.html
Jaarbeurs Utrecht
TV 10 Online (ERG lelijk 14/8/96)
homepage -Atrium (eenvoudige pages)
Wegener95: jaarverslag
Welcome to IBM infoSage
Internet Shopping Network
Skintight rubber and lycra fetish fashion online
Cayman Chemical Company (mooie ikonen onderaan page)
Welcome to Access Health Online (goede simpele zakelijke page)
Imperative! Entry... (simpel en mooie page)
Buro voor Levensgenieters
Welkom bij Muskee
Welkom bij ITT Gouden Gids
Apple Computer
Wat is DWN ?
Waarom NetFace

Pages Internetbedrijven

pair Networks - Compare Features
eNormicom: 18. Links and Inspiration
BLOGGER (fraai)
ONElist E-mail Communities
Welkom bij The Internetworkers

Providers bl

Korean Provider.
Welcome to Internet Hellas
EVERnet WWW Home Page
OpenWeb Home Page
Installation and usage instructions for the ELOT-928 Mac fonts
Hellas On Line Homepage
GRNET: Home Page
FORTHnet WWW Home Page
Euro-Map - Networking organisations/Providers
Ermis On-Line WWW Services
Groovy Net - Welcome to Groovy Net
Welcome to HIWAY's World Wide Web Server

MediaOne Express
Meertens Magermans design & engineering (aardig design)
CTP Educational Services
CTP Cambridge Resources
Welkom bij SURFnet
Vector Internet Services, Inc.
Welkom bij AVD Net
Groen Programming & Automation Info Site (eenmans student)
Internet: medium met unieke mogelijkheden voor marketingcommunicatie
Vuurwerk Internet Helpdesk - File totaaltabel.html
opennet homepage
Impressions New Media '98 - Digitaal Reclame Experts
Crisp Web Site
Specialized Systems Consultants, Inc. (SSC)
Microsoft Corporation Home Page; Welcome to Microsoft
The Internet Plaza
New Media Communication: Cyber City Fast Internet solutions HOME PAGE / Cable Modems, Wireless Cable modems, Satellite modems
Clic's Hot Links
TrefPunt Nederland Nationale Homepage
Best Internet Communications, Inc : Products And Services: Web Hosting
Lari Software Inc. (mooie heldere graphics)
Welcome to Bay Networks
Welkom bij World Access - virtual hosting and domain names on a Full T3 connection
20 redenen om op het Net aanwezig te zijn
The xxLINK Home Page
The Adshop
HoTMaiL - The World's FREE Web-Based Email
Pulse Interactive® Digital Dreams Do Come True
1452 vacature matching
Web Pages That Suck -- Stupid Cliched First Page
Evoke Internet
Computer Planet - the new community of industry online
Spiegel Directions (Fraaie Site, al snap ik NIET waar dit over gaat -shop?
InterAct! Homepage (rommelige page)
CS Net: Cliënt Server Netwerken (aardig (kleur)maar langzame server)
Stichting Internet Domeinregistratie Nederland
5D Advies Tekst Ontwerp Multimedia (mooie Site, zie ook vervolgpg's)
Glasshouse Business Networks Holland (beetje saai)
dig[i'vent]® (leuk, ziet er een beetje meisjesachtig uit)
The Webpublishers Page
Welkom bij Planet Internet
Branch Internet Services - WWW hosting and development
Overzicht bereikbaarheid Twentse (en Achterhoekse) Servers
E.T. Smith Associates - Internet Services
DeltaPoint, Inc./Webanimator
Amsterdam Valley - Home
Internet-Related Conferences and Symposia
The Lycos 250 and Hot Lists
Digitale Regio Alkmaar index

Pages Internet shopping centerz

BCE een mooie PCshop
ROCKHOUSE Music Mail Express. WELCOME !!
cd cd shopping cd cd
TAG Online Home Page
Sofcom - Australia - Directories, Home shopping mall, TV, Television, Arts and Entertainment, Web Publishing
Welcome to ISN
The Parenting Community (verkoop gericht op doelgroep)
The Internet Plaza (niet veronica of zo, wel een hoop blabla)
Empire Mall: On-Line Shopping Mall, Retail & Wholesale Commerce


rsi - rsi software - RECOVERY
rsi - rsi software - Software ter voorkoming en herstel van RSI
Ergonomic Products - Office Safety through Intelligent Computer Products
RSI-test VGWM-Unit FNV Bondgenoten
RSI-patiëntenvereniging - welkom
RSI-UK: Related Links
Comp Onl: 16/11/98 - FNV wijst IT-branche op RSI-problemen
Arbo en aansprakelijkheid
RSI in de industrie: NVVK-info 7.4 (oktober 1998)
Opleidingen TNO Arbeid
Computer mouse and track-ball operation - similarities and differences in posture, muscular load and perceived exertion.
Typing Injury FAQ Home Page
RSI-patiëntenvereniging - wat is RSI?
NVBF,infopagina bedrijfsfysiotherapie,rsi
Repetitive Strain Injury
Ziek van de PC ŒRepetitive Strain Injury¹
Vereniging Webgrrls NL, Webgrrls Meeting
RSI, de beroepsziekte van het jaar 2000?
Dragon - Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard Edition Product Specifications


leslie flint
Image Commodification and the Evolution of Taste:
Pierre Bourdieu link page
Jonathan Loesberg - Bourdieu and the Sociology of Aesthetics - ELH 60:4

Vermaak e.d.

Dance Station
The Easter Egg Archive: Easter Eggs in Software, Movies, Music, and More
South Park
Mr Hat's Hell Hole - We ARE South Park
MacOS8 for Windows
The Alternative Nerd Test
Hamster Blast, a Parody of
The Hampster Dance
Clairvision - Predictions
evolutie aap-->mens-->computer.jpg
The BOFH Index
User Friendly: Comic Archives
User Friendly the Comic Strip: Main Page
Dan Dare: Pilot of the Future
Dan Dare (Link from Ray, about the Mekon)
titanic/Welcome to Cyberflix the Interactive Story Company.
Addventure room 3566
jargon, node: Top
Internet Exploiter Home
Kaizen Works, Inc. presents Celebrity Slugfest
How to post about Nazis and get away with it - the Godwin's Law FAQ
How to be a Good Wife
NetWatch Valley
Hong Kong Tourist Association (The Year Of Rat In Hong Kong)
World Birthday Web (WBW)
Instrument Jokes


Het Kaartenhuis - digitale ansichtkaarten met muziek
The Electronic Postcard Rack
Blue Mountain Arts' Electronic Greeting Cards
DIVA Postcards
View A Postcard
WebLink's Wondere Wenskaarten Wereld
The Electronic Postcard Rack
Welcome to Warner Bros. WeB Cards
Build-A-Card: Greeting Cards for Holidays, Birthdays, Thank You Cards, & more!
The Electric Postcard
Post Cards
Invullen gegevens


Intermediair Online Vacaturesite met vacatures voor hoger opgeleiden, dagelijks nieuws over de ontwikkelingen op arbeidsmarkt, Salariskompas - de vacaturebank
keja donia webdesign
DRENT Werving en Selectie van Automatiseringspersoneel. Vacatures, jobs en banen binnen de automatisering.
Haagse Hogeschool: Opleidingen
Care-Mail - Opportunities for Professional Artists
Welcome To Portfolio

Web Developement en 3D

Netscape Products Archive
Browser Archive
Do's and Don'ts of Web style
Warriors of the Net (fraaie 3D film over tcp/ip)
The Roaming Dutchman
3D CAFE FREE 3D Models, 3D Tutorials, Textures, 3D Software
Beginnen met Internet
Low Bandwidth Rollovers: Client-Side Image Maps -
Tips for web authors using Lynx
Freeway Prijslijst Academisch
QuickDraw 3D Applications
3d Anim
KPT Bryce - Review - The Web Developer's Journal
What's Wrong With Microsoft FrontPage?
The Secrets of Color Management
FVPicker (Colorpicker)
PlugIn Com HQ - Plugins, Effects and Tools for Image and Video Editing
Using frames: Avoiding getting 'framed'
Yale Style Manual-Table of Contents
W3C's HTML Home Page
Composing Good HTML (Version 2.0.19)
Web Weaving: Designing and Managing an Effective Web Site
Web Review Style Sheets Reference Guide
Web Site Garage - One Stop Shop for Servicing Your Web Site
Codo Development - Browserola
Ontwerpen met Kleuren
Dynamic HTML Resources
Inside Dynamic HTML - Home Page
Dynamic HTML
The Dynamic Duo - Cross-Browser DHTML
Dynamic HTML Zone
Dynamic HTML in Netscape Communicator
Adobe Seminars: Web Page Design
Web Safe Colors Chart
Web Safe Colors
Web-Safe Colors (Goede uitleg)
SGML Users Group Holland - TERMINOLOGIE
The SGML/XML Web Page - Home
Macromedia Flash
The Home Page
DevSearch - The Web Developer's Search Engine
Gabocorp Imaging
NetMechanic: Online Link Testing, HTML Validation
W3C - The World Wide Web Consortium
AskTog: First Principles
(Excite search engine) EWS Factsheet
Adobe Web Site Map
Adobe Seminars: Web Page Design
Shockwave Download Center
Tekst schrijven voor homepages, tien tips van een voorlichter. Han Pijs - Groningen
Quarterdeck WebServer Demonstration
Web Developer's Resource Page
Web Programmers' Discussion List
Web-Counter Home Page
The web designer
The HTML Writers Guild Website
Handleiding HTML - Delft


nl.internet.www.ontwerp smoelenboek
Welcome to the OZONE (Thaddeus Ozone's page)

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