Peter's Movie - The Apple Experience

Early 1999, with the christmas-lights still on the wall, Peter and I filmed some QuickTime movies. Now that Peter is going through a hard time I wanted to put one of the movies, the De Niro imitation on his support website. Along with two recent photographs.

I am an experienced Mac-user teaching MacOS, Adobe products, Macromedia products, webdesign and PHP-programming. A fileconversion and scanningjob does not have to take more then twenty minutes: it never did.

But MacOS eats more and more of my time today than it ever used the last seven years. I got so fed up with it, I logged this process.

Report of a twenty minute job that took two whole days


Why do I not upload the QuickTime-version?

  1. It is way too large

  2. I do not want my website-visitors to go through the same hassle as I did, having to QuickTime upgrade and re-upgrade via Apple's website


My advise to you as a (wannabe) MacUser:


Advise to Apple, that will never be heard, read or answered:



As an experienced Mac-user teaching MacOS, Adobe products, Macromedia products, webdesign and PHP-programming, I had to upgrade QuickTime four (4) times, I had to reinstall all of MacOS 9.04 after conflicting UMAXdrivers, and ofcourse: after that I had to upgrade QuickTime twice again. I had to reboot between MacOS 9.04 and MacOS 8.1 so often I lost track, since I couldn't find MacOS9 drivers for neither my webcam nor my scanner, and meanwhile cannot use my USB-keyboard under OS8.1. I had to reinstall Microsoft Internet Explorer after a Systemcrash due to conflicting drivers, while Real appeared to have uploaded an invalid Real-player for MacOS, and other Mac-software appeared buggy under MacOS9.

All this, while just trying to make two scans and convert one movie. Which would have never costed me more than twenty minutes. Neither on my PPC 8600 nor on my iBook that would have taken me two whole days in the good old days of Apple: one year ago. It now takes me two whole days, that means over 16 hours to install, reinstall and to reboot from one MacOS-version to the other and a couple of minutes to do the translation of the movie and to make the scans.

It is getting hard for me to tell my students Apple products are any better than other products.

Do you think your customers will buy it if you tell them to download their software from your website, the same software over and over again? Do you think your customers will buy it if you tell them to buy new hardware every year? It's no joke Apple: I switched to Macintoshes seven years ago now, and own seven Macs. I convinced companies I work(ed) for buy to Macs. Most of my supplies are no older than one year. The Mac-hardware of five of the seven Macs is still OK. One runs NetBSD and has an uptime over 100 days. Get your OS to do that. Of the other four, two run a 'modern' OS. Why should I replace them? I replaced four Macs allready. So let me tell you: I will not. And at least: not for a new Mac. Unless you deeply, thoroughly improve the system, but above all: your customer friendlyness.



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