cyberian gulagcyberian gulagcyberian gulagcyberian gulag

cyberian gulag

How does it feel
to know you get the hands
for sending your comrades to bankruptcy
the guys and girls you refered to
you once refered to as

How does it feel
to fight your own religion
to close your bambi eyes
when your once proclaimed enemy walks in
the army of suits and of

How does it feel
to lose that silly religion
to close your bambi eyes
the freedom of speech you once stood for
surpressed with your own candid

Don't get me wrong
I never
believed your bambi eyes
to me you were just a businessman
a demagog in

I bet you never knew
it just grew out of hands
but can I forgive you for what you did
to the ones you once called

- dedicated to all webguru's -

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